Enc Company

Device Design

Enc Company is specialized in hardware development. If your company have a related idea, and need a solid and knowledgeable company for the design process, Enc Company is your best choice, for your analog or digital technology based products. Enc Company is your solution for end user support for your product, your choice for decrease repair times and costs with true support laboratories.

Software Design

We develop solutions for you just when you need it. No matter if you're seeking for a web based solution or platform, we're able to help you in this task. Your company needs in language localization for your software can be easily solved with neutral accent in your dubbed and subbed translations. Contact us for the available localization options.

Thinking in Expansion?

Not is only important the corporative image of your company, but the quality of the services offered are important for your customers. Enc Company provides competitive worldwide physical and human resources for the localization of your company in foreign regions, backing your company management on internet information systems depending of your company needs, bringing to your customers the confidentiality of your company main headquarters.


Legal Advisory

Legal local issues can be professionally managed by our on localization attorneys, protecting the rights of the media registered by your company. This service is especially useful for companies with piracy problems that require immediate actions. We bring support for the importation and legalization of your company products with low fees and tariffs, to make prices competitive with the worldwide market of your product.

About Enc Company

Our company develop multiple hardware based projects intended to entertainment industry, by request middleware software tools and special private company plans focused to increase the participation of these companies in different regions around the world.